Scotland team's shock at cerebral palsy World Championships withdrawal


Jonny Paterson says “it’s a shame” his team-mates “are left with nothing at the moment”

The captain of Scotland’s cerebral palsy team says they are in “utter shock” at being withdrawn from the World Championships in Argentina.

The Scottish FA’s decision came after a rule change from the International Federation for Cerebral Palsy Football.

UK passport holders can now choose which home nation to represent and the SFA fear it could set a precedent for all levels of the international game.

“It’s really disappointing,” said Scotland skipper Jonny Paterson.

“Especially because it’s midway through our training cycle and we’re just starting to up the ante to get into our top condition to get to the World Championships.”

Regan insists the SFA had “no option other than to withdraw”

SFA chief executive Stuart Regan said: “Despite our appeals, the IFCPF has chosen to enforce this rule change, which we believe would have a detrimental effect on Scotland’s status as an independent football nation.

“The new rule leaves us with no option other than to withdraw from all IFCPF competitions, including the World Championships, with immediate effect.”

And Disability Sport Scotland believe the IFCPF policy may be changed.

The Scots finished ninth at the last World Championships in Canada in 2015 and Paterson was selected for the Great Britain squad at the 2016 Paralympics but did not play.

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